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Nimbis H3c LED Headlight Conversion Kit

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This H3C LED Headlight Kit from Nimbis H7 is an even stronger version of the classic Lumenis Kit.

The all-in-one fan will give you performance and longevity without costing the earth. As with all our LED headlight conversion kits, you get great overall value with this H3C set.

Installation is straightforward. You don’t need to have any mechanical knowledge, all you need to do is slip the old halogen bulb out and replace it with all-new halogen bulbs.

No professional installation is necessary and you won’t need to modify your vehicle either.

The pair of bulbs are both rated at 6000K. This translates to bright, white light so you can see clearly in all conditions, even on poorly lit roads.

Expect 50,000 hours of use from these LED headlights.

What’s included

  • 2 x H3 LEDs
  • 6000K cool white bulbs
  • Decoder (optional)
  • Lifetime warranty

Note: We strongly advise you buy the decoder. This will help minimize those annoying error signals and represents a worthwhile investment.

LED Headlights: 5 Buying Tips

Buying LED headlight kits is reasonably straightforward. We appreciate there’s not too much buying guidance readily available, though.

Focus on these elements if you’re thinking about upgrading your headlights:

  1. Type
  2. Color
  3. Driver
  4. Fan
  5. Beam pattern

1) Type

To determine what type LED bulbs you need, you can consult the user manual. If you want to check online, usethis online calculator. Punch in the year, make, and model of your ride to determine which LED headlights you need.

2) Color

In its pure form, LED light is blue. The LED chip is yellow due to a phosphor filter overlaying it. As more phosphor is added, so the light becomes warmer.

Color temperature is rated in kelvins. The brightest LED headlights are cool and bright 6000K bulbs capable of illuminating the darkest roads.

Think about the weather conditions you drive in. Factor in whether you need to deal with snow or heavy rain regularly. Consider how much night-time driving you’ll be doing. These factors, along with the strength of your eyesight, will help you choose the right color LEDs for your ride.

3) Driver

The driver on an LED headlight connects the bulb and the wiring. It’s responsible for regulating the power to the bulb.

Make sure the LEDs you’re considering come with solid and well-engineered drivers.

4) Fan

LEDs run cooler than regular halogen bulbs or HID bulbs. That said, you can still expect some heat.

To mitigate overheating, the best LEDs come with a heat sink and sometimes a fan, too.

Look for heat sinks that are large enough to draw heat away from your bulb. This will prevent burnout.

5) Beam pattern

Traditional halogen bulbs have focused beam patterns that minimize the glare experienced by oncoming drivers.

When you’re shopping LED headlights, focus on those with beam patterns more like these old-school bulbs.

Chips with less space between them result in a more intensely focused beam pattern so you won’t blind everyone coming your way.