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9004 HID Replacement Bulbs (Sold in Pairs)

9004 HID Replacement Bulbs are compatible with 35W and 55 W ballast. Universal to fit all aftermarket kits AC or DC. 100 % Plug-n-Play no additional modification needed. HID bulbs are 3-5X brighter than Halogen bulbs while using  40 % less power.

3,000 k (Golden Yellow)

   3,000K              4,300K          6,000K             8,000K              10,000K

9004 Serves as a Low beam and High Beam all in one Module 

Please note unless you upgrade to Bi-Xenon your high beam will be Halogen.

- HID bulbs require a working Ballast to operate.

- High beam is halogen unless you upgrade to Bi-Xenon 

- Sold in Pairs (2 HID Bulbs)

- Please use the search function on the home page to see what bulb your car requires.