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3047 LED Bulbs (Sold In Pairs)

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The 3047 LED bulb is one of the most commonly used fitments.

You can find the 3047 in exterior bulbs from brake lights and turn signals to license plate bulbs and interior bulbs.

  • 3 x brighter than factory halogen bulbs
  • 4 colors: white, yellow, red, and blue
  • Full 360 design throws light in all directions
  • Lasts 30 x longer than traditional halogen bulbs
  • 2 x 3047 LED bulbs included

Common Applications For Interior LEDs

LEDs can be used to great effect in many areas inside your car.

Regular interior lighting

The standard interior lights you find spotted around your vehicle hark back to the days before smart phones become commonplace. When driving at night without the benefit of a flashlight app, having some form of interior lighting was vital.

As with all aspects of your car, there’s no reason to be satisfied with stock!

Door lights

The door lights at the bottom of your car doors help you to get in and out of the car in dark conditions.

Dome lights

The central dome light will usually turn on as soon as you open the door. This makes it a great warning indicator if you start pulling away with a door still ajar.

Map lights

The map lights are located on each side of the roof at the front. Just like the dome light, these will illuminate automatically when you open your car door.

Common Use Cases for Exterior LEDs

You can use LED bulbs outside your car in more places than just the headlights.

Ensure other drivers see your turn signals in all conditions with piercingly bright LEDs.

You can also brighten up your license plate and your brake lights if you upgrade from halogen to LED.

Key Benefits of LED Lights

  • Outstanding lifespan to 50,000 hours per bulb
  • Brighter light than traditional halogen bulbs
  • Draws down less power
  • Super-simple installation
  • 100% plug-and-play solution
  • Striking aesthetics