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2721 LED BULBS (Sold In Pairs)

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The most commonly used interior LED bulb, the 2172 LED Bulb is found in:

  • Courtesy lights
  • Dome lights
  • License plate lights
  • Map lights

LED lights are 5 x brighter than traditional factory halogen lights. LEDs also last 40 x longer.

These 2721 LEDs are 100% plug-and-play so ideal for complete beginners.

Sold in pairs, these lights are bright white.

Note: LED bulbs are polarity-sensitive. This means you might need to switch around the way you installed the lights if you don’t succeed at first.

Common Use Cases For Interior LEDs

Here are a number of ways you can put LEDs to good use inside your ride.

Standard interior lighting

All cars come with some interior lights as standard. These lights will help you to see inside your car at night and were conceived in the days before cell phones when you might have needed to consult a map on the road.

While these lights come as standard, many consumers choose to upgrade all types of interior lighting.

Map lights

The map lights in your car are found at the front on either side of the roof.

These lights come on when the door is opened.

Dome lights

The large light in the roof in the middle of your car is the dome light.

Dome lights typically turn on automatically when you open the car door. This ensures you can see even at night and doubles up as a warning indicator that a door is open.

This light can serve as a makeshift reading light at night.

Door lights

Most cars feature lights at the bottom of each door.

This illuminates to show you out of the car at night, especially useful if you’ve parked off-road.

Accent lights

You can use LED strips to install a variety of accent lighting inside your car to striking effect. Check that this is legal in your country before proceeding with installation.

Why Upgrade to LED Interior Lights?

If you want enhanced performance from your interior car lights, upgrading to LED bulbs is the quickest route to achieve this.

You’ll get much brighter light that halogen bulbs emit while drawing down less power.

Just like with LED headlights, be aware of other road users when you’re turning on map lights and dome lights. Make sure you don’t dazzle oncoming drivers with the brilliance of your interior lights.

If you choose to upgrade to LEDs, all you need is some simple bulb replacements. You won’t be forced into replacing the housing and you won’t need to install any extra equipment either.