LED Headlamps 101: How they work, in a language that you can understand

July 25, 2019 5 min read

Whats the deal with LED headlamps?

Light Emitting Diode,or LED, technology is the science behind this modern headlamp, which is steadily becoming the option of choice for mid and high-end vehicular manufacturers. It is also a favorite among car aficionados who like to use their DIY skills to upgrade accessories and other parts of their cars to their liking. This is because the LED headlight option offers what neither halogen nor HID headlights can offer: crazy long durability, bright steady lightning, and a state-of-the-art look that is not only attractive, but also makes sense. A headlight alternative that needs no yearly checkups, and has a super long lasting life,makes your investment pay for itself in the long run.

How does LED technology work for headlamps?

The brain behind the LED light production process is a semiconductor that becomes activated when a current is applied. When this takes place, this semiconductor produces photons of light. Basically, light is created in a void, rather than through a running filament, as is the case with halogen. The lack of filament, or any other “third party object” within the headlight, means one less factor that could go wrong and make your light go out. So, to wrap it up: the process of LED light production occurs by letting a current pass through a semiconductor which, in turn, releases light molecules. Compared to the traditional halogen headlight, the LED could have definitely been seen about 20 years ago as “a thing of the future.”

Should I consider switching my current halogen headlamps to LED headlamps?

LED lights used to be exclusive to mid to high-end vehicles, with Lexus being one of the pioneers in the use of LED headlamps in its line of vehicles. However, you do not need to get rid of your wheels to enjoy the benefits of LED lights. Also, you do not need to go out of your way to get an expensive, fancy car to be able to enjoy LED headlights, either. Individual headlight upgrades are very real, and you, too, can get the most out of LED technology, in your current vehicle, by simply purchasing an LED kit.

What is an LED headlamp kit?

An LED kit is a set of headlights, adaptors, and other accessories, made for vehicle owners to purchase separately in order to switch their halogen headlamps to LED headlamps by themselves. These kits are made for a car lovers who just like to experiment with their vehicles and get different lightning options that are more advanced and state-of-the art. Some kits are more expensive and exclusive than others, of course. However, if you are willing to pay top dollar, here is what you can expect from a top-of-the-line kit. -A variety of sizes for you to match to your car. -Easy installation that won’t cost you extra. -Waterproof bulbs -Sleek design -Bulbs with fans that increase the durability of your lights. Do not fret! You do not have to break your budget to get LED lights for your car. As LED headlights have become a popular product of choice, manufacturers are taking advantage of the market, offering kits that may come with less cosmetic accessories to make the price more affordable. Yes, anyone can switch their halogen headlights for LED headlights that are US certified, and with enough lumens to get you the highway lightning protection that you need.

Why are LED headlights better?

The key element with LED technology is that it transforms power from electricity via diodes that create light. A collateral benefit of this process is that it creates zero heat. No heat means less wasted energy, which is what makes the LED headlight super energy efficient and much more durable. LEDs are also a more environmentally friendly option. There are ways to recycle and reuse the product once the lifespan of the product comes to an end. This typically happens in a period of over 10 years.

Other overall benefits to consider

All this said, just the durability alone should convince you that, in the long run, choosing to use LED headlights in your vehicle may be an investment, and not an expenditure. Just like with LED kitchen light bulbs, lamps, and other LED technology, an LED headlight for your vehicle can last more than a decade, even when you use your vehicle (and the running headlights) a lot. The durability of your headlights can actually last much more than 10 years if you are just an occasional vehicle user. In fact, if all you use your car just a couple of days per week, you could multiply the life expectancy of your headlights to twice the durability. It is noteworthy that these headlights do not lose power, glow, or durability over time. The technology is continuous and, since there is no other object operating as “middle man” between the light production and reflection, the same light production process goes on and on.

Are LED headlamps a good investment for my vehicle?

Keep in mind, durability is also synonymous with affordability. Not only will you not have to worry about your headlights going out, but keeping your headlights working properly will give you one less reason to get a traffic ticket- in several states, it is illegal to drive a vehicle with faulty headlights. What is even more attractive about LED headlights is that the resulting light that is produced is not your typical “70’s golden yellow” hue that halogen lights emit. The bright, clear, blueish hue of the LED is not just attractive, but also strong enough to light up your way during midst, darkness, rain, snow, and other natural conditions. Its natural glow extends to twice the distance that is traditionally covered by a halogen headlight. This makes it safe for folks who drive out in the desert areas and for people who fear driving at night.

Will using LED blind or distract other drivers?

While LED headlights are clearly more bright and clear than the traditional halogen headlight, it is not true that incoming drivers may get blinded by these lights. The headlight type that most people complain about is the HID kind. The type of light produced by LED technology is what is known as “warm.” A warm light emits a bright, white light. However, the way the headlight is built for LED production prevents for excessive luminosity, as the level of lumens is controlled.


The modern use of LED technology for vehicle headlights is becoming more and more popular as time goes by. As a result, the market has made it possible to any car owner to enjoy the benefits of LED headlamps, either already installed in new, mid to high-end vehicles, or by acquiring an LED headlamp kit that enables users to switch halogen lamps for LED lamps on their own. LED headlamps are the best choice for durability, with a regular lifespan of over 10 years, which could double for occasional drivers that do not use their cars every day. On and all, LED headlamps are an investment that ends up paying for itself, since customers do not have to worry about replacing their headlamps or fear that they may stop working. How do you feel about LED lightning? What is your experience with LED kits? Do you have any additional recommendations? We would love to hear about your experience. Shout out in the comments section!

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