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Audi 2016 A3 Sportback e-tron

LED LIGHT STREET  is the premier source for Audi 2016 a3 sportback e-tron direct fit plug and play lighting products.

Whether it is replacing your old outdated halogen headlights or updating your foglights for a more modern look, we got your covered.

When searching for replacement HID or LED lighting for your Audi 2016 a3 sportback e-tron, we offer direct fit plug and play OEM style lights for your vehicle. No cutting, splicing or re-wiring your vehicle like most of our competitors require you to do. These units literally plug in for a quick 5 minute installation and designed exactly for your Audi 2016 a3 sportback e-tron.

  1. Low Beam & High Beam Headlight (Factory Equipped HID) Type: D3S
  2. Low Beam HeadlightType: H7
  3. High Beam HeadlightType: H15
  4. Fog LightType: H8
  5. Fog Light Bulb RearType: BA9S